Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Update: Tormented, Barbara Stanwyck, Danger Signal, Hayley Ross

Cheesy. Campy. Over the top. Hilarious one-liners. And a sassy little girl (played by Susan Gordon) who steals the whole movie. Just a few reasons why I love this ghost story from 1960. If you get a chance to watch Tormented, you must.

So, I watched Sorry, Wrong Number the other night for the first time and I’m now convinced Barbara Stanwyck is one of the greatest actresses who ever lived. As a result, I am more than a little obsessed with her. I'm watching as many of her films as I can.

I watched one of my all-time favorite films on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) earlier this month, Danger Signal. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Phyllis Bottome, this little film noir gem from 1945 starts with a creepy opening scene (a wedding ring is stolen off the hand of a dead woman) and doesn't let up until it's surprising and suspenseful final moments. Faye Emerson and Zachary Scott are fantastic in this. I highly recommend it.

I hope February is very good to you! Remember the most important thing to do is to love yourself. Happy Valentine's Day!

Until next month...

xoxo Wren

P.S. I recently discovered the beautiful, haunting, poetic music of Hayley Ross. This is the video for her song Tumbledown. Enjoy!


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